3D Visualization

The advantages of getting out of paper are many; 2D is not so easy to understand, often even for specialist. Years ago I started looking for another way to present the same thing. It was on the renovation of the palace of Dam in Amsterdam, the cables had to go through the most difficult places to respect the original architecture. The installers were delighted with 3D drawings easy to understand, x ray. Then I start mixing the tecnical projects with visualization in 3D. Segurity camera installations, technical rooms, alarms, buidings, structuur. I used it for installation, engineering, architecture, and above all for licenses. Getting to a city hall with the 3D project will save you many hours, drawings, discussion and money.
Also for customers is ideal. Know what they are goint to get.
Schipol baggage was one of my best visualizations. Go from drawings in 2D those that the transport tapes cross 3 times to drawings in 3D where everything looks real.
Here is an example of what can be achieved with a good 3D visualization.
The last step was to place project in the real world. This is a sample project. If there have been similar projects for licenses, installations, reviews. I start with a technical drawing in 2D and I get this video. Can you see the possibilities?

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